About US

ChangShu Joinwe Mechanical Technology CO.,Ltd is located in ChangShu zhitang industrial park,SuZhou city,JiangSu provice with a beautiful surroundings and convenient transportation. we are a professional company that is concerned with developing,producing and selling automatic production equipment,high-end logistical conveying equipment and non-standared equipment. there is a pool of outstanding staff who are engaged in logistical equipment's development,design,manufacture and installment for many years.we have integrated manufacturing equipment and sophisticated technology. we have the following main products:all kinds of conveying equipments,cargo sorting machines,elevators,truss manipulators,palletizers and so on.we also can design delicated equipments as customers' requirements.our products are widely used mainly in auto parts,engine cylinder block and head,gear,seat,skylight,new energy lithium battery,electronics,food,medicine,hardware,machinery,large-scale distribution centers,tobacco,auto parts industries and so on.

We steadily expand our market with superior product performance,beautiful and gorgeous appearance,solid and reliable quality and reasonable price.we solve all the production requirements for customers with the best and most suitable products and service.we will continuously provide customers the most satisfactory products with high-effient and humanized automatic equipment.

Joinwe commitment

We hold on our name with faith,we undertake the sacred misssion and dare to challenge the peak of the creativity and dedication,we are determined to realized our ambition and dream in manufacturing industry and spread the reputation with sweat and wisdom;we adhere to the enterprise spirit of ‘pursue excellence to creat perfection,delicate integrity to focus on service'and seek for the spiritual drive of self-improve and shared value of repaying the society.honoring the fulfill duties and writing the future with concentration.